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Act One: What's For Pudding
Act Two: Joining The Club
: The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley
October 2011
Written By
David Tristram
Directed by
Chris Knowles
Graham Smith

Chloe Smith


What's For Pudding?
Ted and Maureen have been married for the last fifteen years and for the last fifteen years their marriage has gradually been slipping away and headed downhill. Fuelled by boredom, frustration and a bottle of whisky, the events of one monotonous Saturday night in with friends, Ted, Maureen and Dennis, shows the true colours of this stubborn couple and their bitterness towards each other as they unleash havoc that neither they, nor their friends, will forget for a very long time.

Joining The Club
A story of a highly successful career woman who becomes unexpectedly expectant. This is the night that Jenny plans to reveal the results of her home pregnancy test to her husband, Tom. But he has some startling news of his own!

The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley
Gordon, Margaret, Joyce and Bernard are back to tackle yet another threat to their survival - this time in the shape of a rival am-dram, newly-formed in their village, determined to upstage them with an award-winning musical. The four pull together to devise an ingenious plan that sort of..doesn't. When their subterfuge is discovered by the rival society's nutty front-of-house manager, he's none too pleased. Add in a few emotional complications for Gordon, and things look a little grim for Little Grimley. Could this finally be the end of their society? One things for certain-it ain't over until the fat lady sings!

  Cast List
Act One
Chris Stevenson
Jess Wall
Roger Knowles
Vicky Clarke
Fahad Qayyum
Act Two
Anna Nesbitt
Tom Morley
Act Three
Tony Garwood
Liesa Sisson
Bernie Kirk
Jacob Hunt-Wheatley
Production Team
Sound Engineer
Stage Contruction and Design
Pete McFarlane
Viv Savage
    Front of House
Kath Williams
Graham Smith, Chloe Smith, Chris Knowles
  Rehearsal Photos (click to enlarge)     
Will my plaster cast fit?
Break time
What's For Pudding rehearsal
On stage
Learning lines..
On stage view from the rear
Following the script
Stage view front.
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