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Make Do And Mend

October 2005
Written by
Steve Wallis
Music by
Joshua Goodman


It's the early 1940's and the Second World War is on. Down at the Palais De Danse Club in Nottingham a group of young women are trying to have a good time.

Enter a group of young soldiers also out for a good time on home leave. The ladies' eyes light up at this opportunity and no time is wasted in getting to know them.

Things however do not run smoothly and emotional turmoil ensues. The reprucussions affect an entire family and group of soldier friends..



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  Cast List

Russell Walters
Mandy Humphry
Lydia Cockcroft
Kim Storer
Betty Fildes
Bianca Brewin
Paula Green
Dan Sadler
Mark Swinson
Joey Barr
German Soldier
Richard Turner
Alicia Edwards

Karon Wallis

Tracey Reid  

June Andrews
Len Hill


Production Team

Karon Wallis
Cassandra Stone

Rebecca Mayes

Sound Engineer
Peter Frost

Paul Frost
Keith Williams

Stage Artwork Rachel Arrowsmith Opening Film Sequence Dave Harness
Stage Manager Carl Wilkinson
Set Construction
Carl Wilkinson
Dave Harness Specialist Props Richard Turner Front of House Kath Williams Jessica Wall Public Relations Steve Wallis Linda Mayes Assistant Directors Linda Mayes Karon Wallis Director Cassandra Stone

  Publicity Photos



Karon and Paula read about the war effort.

The Chorus in fine tune.



It's all getting a little too much for Kim!






Straighten your uniform Sargeant..


The ladies can't get enough of our leading man..

  Rehearsal Photos

Linda directs with a watchful eye! Kim and Lydia mid scene. Josh in musical mood. Jess having a break.
Dan, Joey and Betty chat while waiting for their scenes. Front of House Manager Aunty Kath. Jonathan and Lydia in full swing. Dan and Jonathan ponder the next line..
Linda, Karon and writer Steve. Jess having a photo moment with choreographer Rebecca. Belting out 'Don't Trust a Man in Uniform'.  It's not my line is it?
Linda on prompt as Cassandra directs What are you lookin' at? Perhaps Kim and Russell know something we don't? Everbody's busy learning their lines..

  After Show Party Photos  

Keith, Jonathan and Mark having a great time. Karon pointing the finger.. I mean Kim and friend. Paula's got well into the spirit of the occasion.
Lydia and our backstage helpers resplendant in costume. Tracy has a lovely new hat and hair-do! Russell and Betty are engrossed in something.. Josh certainly looks the part as Hitler.
Keith our front of House and Business Manager. Cassandra our Director. June our Jive dancer extraordinaire.. Richard our Barman and part time German soldier.
Now then as it 'appens Dan does a good Jimmy Saville. Linda and Becs share a joke. Josh, Steve and Karon accept pressies from the cast. Linda and Jonathan, best of mates!

  Press Reviews  

'Wartime Memories Set To Music'

It is not often Hucknall Lovelace Theatre Group has the chance to stage a world premiere.

But members made the most of this golden opportunity with a high-octane production of 'Make Do And Mend', a musical set in Nottingham during World War Two. More..

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