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Make Do and Mend

October 2005

Directed By

Cassandra Stone

Written By

Steve Wallis


It's the early 1940's and the Second World War is on. Down at the Palais De Danse Club in Nottingham a group of young women are trying to have a good time.

Enter a group of young soldiers also out for a good time on home leave. The ladies' eyes light up at this opportunity and no time is wasted in getting to know them.

Things however do not run smoothly and emotional turmoil ensues. The repercussions affect an entire family and group of soldier friends..


  • Peformance Times
  • Wed 19 Oct 7.30pm
  • Thu 20 Oct 7.30pm
  • Fri 21 Oct 7.30pm
  • Sat 22 Oct 7.30pm

Cast List


Russell Walters


Mandy Humphrey


Lydia Cockcroft


Kim Storer


Betty Fildes


Bianca Brewin


Paula Green


Dan Sadler


Jonathan Kenworthy


Mark Swinson


Joey Barr

German Soldier

Richard Turner


Jessica Wall


Karon Wallis


Tracy Reid


Alicia Edwards

Production Team

Stage Construction

Carl Wilkinson
Dave Harness


Peter Frost


Paul Frost
Keith Williams

Stage Artwork

Rachael Arrowsmith


Karon Wallis
Cassandra Stone


Rebecca Mayes

Specialist Props

Paul Frost
Richard Turner

Public Relations

Steve Wallis
Linda Mayes


Joshua Goodman

Opening Film Sequence

Dave Harness

Assistant Directors

Linda Mayes
Karon Wallis

Front of House

Kath Williams
Jessica Wall

Rehearsal Photos

After Show Party Photos

Press Reviews

Hucknall Dispatch - October 2005

'Wartime Memories Set To Music'

It is not often Hucknall Lovelace Theatre Group has the chance to stage a world premiere.

But members made the most of this golden opportunity with a high-octane production of 'Make Do And Mend', a musical set in Nottingham during World War Two The show had the stamp of authenticity as writer Steve Wallis had based it on wartime memories related to him by his grandmother, 90-year old Elizabeth Simpson.

The production was a personal triumph for Lydia Cockcroft, who showed star quality worthy of TV's 'X-Factor' in the central role of Flo, a studious girl whose life is transformed when she meets and falls in love with an Army sargeant, Billy (Jonathan Kenworthy). The same actor also played Billy's brother, Dunn, who enters Flo's life at a time when it has taken a tragic turn through the deaths of Billy and her sister, Freddie.

Nottingham Arts Theatre's actress of the year, Cassandra Stone, showed she also possesses outstanding off-stage talents by directing the show, while Josh Goodman brought off the remarkable feat of composing 14 original songs for the musical. As Flo's other sister, Beth, Kim Storer made the most of her big number, 'Where Are You', and Bianca Brewin contributed a spirited portrayal of Marge, the tart who proves to have a heart.

A noteworthy feature of the 'story of love lost and found' is the lack of false sentiment. Indeed the show's concluding message is 'Don't Get Attached'. While a tad more emotional depth would have been welcome in some scenes, the youthful cast rose to the occasion in fine style to make the production a memorable offering.

A £4000 grant from Awards For All enabled the group to aquire the services of an 11-piece band, which did wonders for evoking the atmosphere of the Nottingham Palais in the 1940's, enhanced by the choreography of Becs Mayes.

The show more than made up for the society's huge disappointment earlier this year when it had to cancel a major production of 'Allo Allo' because of an electricity problem at the centre.

Dennis Robinson