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January 2006
Written by
Jonathan Kenworthy
Directed by
Linda Mayes


Our story of Aladdin begins with the Emperor who is having wind problems. Enter Sister Twanky and her treatments. Soon however the evil Bonanza and his sidekick Portaloo are calling offering to cure the Emperor of his ills.

All is not what it seems though. The villians hatch a plan to kidnap the Emperor's beautiful daughter Peach Blossom and force her to marry Bonanza.Aladdin and the Twanky family offer to rescue the Princess but must journey through the Valley of the Dancing Skeletons and the Singing Serpents.

Can Aladdin and his innocent brother Peepot rescue the Princess and defeat the villains and win the maiden's hand in marriage?

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  Cast List
Alan Bell
Kim Storer
Alicia Edwards
Becs Mayes
Sister Twanky
Jessica Wall
Mark Swinson
Lauren Newbold
Sargeant Ping
Richard Turner
Constable Pong
Dan Sadler
Karon Wallis
Bianca Brewer
Hanna Walsh

Villager 1
Ann-Marie Walker

Villager 2
Leanne Brentnall

Sam Burton


Production Team
Jessica Wall

Rebecca Mayes

Sound Engineer
Peter Frost

Keith Williams

Stage Manager
Carl Wilkinson
Stage Contruction and Design
Carl Wilkinson
Jessica Wall
Dave Mayes
Pete McFarlane

Ann-Marie Walker

Linda Mayes Andy Godber

Front of House and Business Manager
Kath Williams
  Rehearsal Photos
Peepot, Typhoo, Aladdin and the Genie learning lines.. The Directors concentrating on the job! Typhoo taking a break. Villager, the Ghost and the Emperor wait their turn.
Bonanza deep in thought.. The Genie and Contable Pong Aladdin and the Princess having a laugh! Constant practice makes perfect..
That's entertainment ! Genie and Typhoo in a big empty space.. Aladdin and Villager dance to the beat. Frenetic dancing activity from the choreographer..
Aladdin and Kiapride pose.. Sargeant Ping keeps order at all times! Part of the chorus in costume. The Genie and the Princess discuss wishes.
Typhoo and Skelly have chorus backing. Peepot and Sister Twanky. Portaloo, Bonanza and Kiapride plotting evil.. Chorus, Typhoo and Skelly in a group shot.
The Dame and the Genie together. The Emperor and a Villager learn their lines. All pose for the papers! Ping and Pong whip out their truncheons..
More of the chorus in costume. Skelly and Typhoo seem to be friends at the moment! Pong gives Peepot a lesson in fashion sense! Kiapride and Sister twanky ooooing at something..
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