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Billy Liar

May 2006

Written by
Keith Waterhouse
Willis Hall
Directed by
Jonathan Kenworthy


Billy Fisher lives with his parents in a quiet suburb in the town of Stradhoughton in the north of England. Life for him is somewhat humdrum and ordinary, so to escape he fantasisies about being the head of an imaginary country called Ambrosia. In between his work at Shadrack and Duxbury's, funeral directors, he manages to see three different girlfreinds, all the while living out his daydreams.

But Billy has to make some important decisions about his life and the direction it will follow. He has high hopes of becoming a script writer for a comedian called Danny Boon. He wants to go to london to make his fortune, but domestic crises and fate conspire against him. Can he pull himself away from his humdrum life and make it to London?

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  Cast List

Michael Davies
Mark Swinson
Linda Mayes
Mel Harrison
Viv Savage
Kim Storer
Rachel Williams
Dan Sadler

Production Team

Jessica Wall

Set Design
Richard Turner

Sound Engineer
Peter Frost

Andy Godber

Stage Manager
Carl Wilkinson
Stage Construction
Carl Wilkinson
Jessica Wall
Dave Mayes
Pete McFarlane

Richard Turner

Jonathan Kenworthy

Front of House and Business Manager
Kath Williams


  Rehearsal Photos

Michael takes direction off the director Jonathan.
Mark and Linda as Geoffrey and Alice
Billy and Geoffrey have an argument.
Alice listens to Billy's lies.
Mel and Linda relax during a break..
Rita has plenty to say to Billy.
Plotting of the scene.
The Fisher family in residence.
Set guys Carl and Pete roll up the grass.. Nowt to do but gossip! Jonathan gives Billy some direction. Billy and Liz.
Jonathan and Jess cast an eye over the proceedings. Alice and Florence at the table. Arthur and Billy argue. Billy likes to talk to telephones..

  Press Reviews  

  Hucknall Dispatch   Hucknall Dispatch

The laid-back personality of Billy Fisher, the main character in this classic comedy, is amply depicted even before he appears on stage. After the scene is set with the nostagic 'Housewive's Choice' theme tune, Billy fails to 'surface' for breakfast until mid-morning, even though it is a day when he is supposed to go to work..

  Stage-struck teenage Michael Davies is the newest addition to Hucknall Lovelace Theatre group after reading a dispatch reportabout a production of 'Allo 'Allo. This show appealed to him but it was cancelled before he could offer his services..


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