Absurd Person Singular

Oct 2007
Written by
Alyn Ayckbourn
Directed by
Kim Storer


This witty comedy focuses on 3 couples over 3 Christmas eve's over 3 years.

Fist we see the lower class but up and coming Hopcrofts in their nice, tech gadget filled kitchen, anxiously giving a little party to their bank Manager and his wife, and also an architect neighbour. Then, the architect and his wife in their neglected untidy apartment. Lastly, the bank manager and his wife, in their large, slightly modernised, old victorian style kitchen.
Running  like a dark thread through the comedy of the behind the scenes disasters at Christmas parties is the story of the climb of the Hopcrofts to material prosperity and independence, and the decline of the others.
In the final stages the little man is definately on top with the others dancing to his tune.

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  Cast List
Michael Davies
Ian Eastoe
Dan Sadler
Rachel Williams
Viv savage
Kim Hutchinson
Production Team
Linda Mayes
Set Design
Carl Wilkinson Sound Engineer Peter Frost Lighting Keith Williams
Stage Manager Carl Wilkinson
Stage Construction
Carl Wilkinson
Pete McFarlane
Len Hill
Kim Storer
Front of House and Business Manager
Kath Williams
  Rehearsal Photos
The scenery being prepared.
Clearly enjoying rehearsals!
Intense scenes..
Just one more drink.
Everything's all right.
Now listen to me..
Props and Lighting man.
The whole scene from afar.
Kim directing the show. A pre performance audience. Following the script .I'm sure it's that way..
The light bulb's blown. It's the props man.. That's a funny hat. I know all my lines-honest!
   Press Reviews  
  Hucknall Dispatch  
'Comedy Was Pre-Christmas Cracker'
Review by Denis Robinson
  Few dramatists could get away with  making suicide attempts the theme of a comedy plotline But Alan Ayckbourn is a master of farcical complexities and, in this play, he achieves devestating black humour from the bids by Eva Jackson to top herself.

On each occasion, whether by means of a gas oven, an overdose or a clothes line, Eva is unwittingly thwarted by other characters who have no idea of her real intentions.

Pretty Kim Hutchinson, as the neurotic Eva, had to appear haggard, desperate and worless throughout the second act.

That is until she suddenly and bizarrely broke her silence by singing 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' with other cast members joining in.

The production was a triumph for the cast of six and for Kim Storer, who has been involved with the Lovelace group since May 2005 and was making her directorial debut of a full-length play.

She admirably fullfilled her promise of a 'funny and heart-warming play' which gives a 'glimpse of the sadness that can go on behind close doors'

The plotfocuses on the relationships of three couples in three kitchens over three successive Christmas holidays.

Rachel Williams and Michael Davies were Jane and Sidney Hopcroft, trying to make the evening perfect for their guests - bank manager Ronald Brewster-Wright and his wife, Marion (Ian Eastoe and Viv Savage) plus Eva and her architect husband, Geoffrey (Dan Sadler).

The audience is drawn more and more into the subtle character studies as the Jacksons and Brewster-Wrights take thier turns to entertain for the chaotic Yuletide get-togethers.

While the production would have benefited at times from a slightly brisker pace, this was a frequently hilarious Christmas cracker of an offering.
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