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Beside the Seaside
Oct 2010
Written By
Leslie Sands
Directed by
Roger Knowles

Beside the Seaside
A light comedy is the source for the october Production of the Lovelace Theatre group

Set in an English seaside resort in the 1950's, the play centres around the guests of the 'Seaview' boarding house and their interactions with each other and the formidable landlady Mrs Austin.

The indomitable Mrs Austin scares her guests with her bread and butter pudding, while just married Mr and Mrs Pepper begin to realise that marriage is difficult and Wilf and Ethel Pearson try to prevent their daughter Sally from running off with a local 'theatrical' conman. Needless to say in the busy boarding house much chaos ensues.

Cast List
Mrs Austin
Chris Knowles
Pat Marlow
Kirsty Thorne
Viv Turtle-Savage
Tony Brett
Tom Stevenson
Ethel Pearson
Linda Mayes
Wilf Pearson
Tony Garwood
Chloe Smith
Mr Pepper
Alex Whittiker
Mrs Pepper
Liesa Sissons
Production Team
Sound Engineer
Roger Knowles
Stage Contruction and Design
Pete McFarlane
Chris Stevenson
Bernie Kirk
Bernie Kirk
  Front of House
Kath Williams
Mark Swinson
Roger Knowles
Rehearsal Photos (click to enlarge)     
The script gathering..
Intense session
The Director reads..
Deep in thought.
Tea's nearly ready!
More reading
Tea is served!
Lots of lines to learn..
Stage view
It's going well..
Ferocious bickering..
Formidable Mrs Austin
Cast ensemble
Can't stop laughing..
Watching and learning..
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