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Dick Whittington
Jan 2011
Adapted By
Harry Toseland

Directed by
Linda Mayes

Dick Whittington
The Lovelace Theatre group's annual panto this year is the firm family favourite Dick Whittington!

We follow the well known story of Dick aiming to seek his fortune in London, ably assisted by his cat Kitty.

In London Dick meets up with Mr Fitzwarren who offers him work, to rid his shop which is overrun with rats. However he comes up against a merchant called Mr R.O.Dent who claims to have seen Dick steal some money from him. All is not what it seems though since Mr R.O Dent is really a villain, ‘King Rat’ intent on destroying Dick and letting his rats run wild..
Meanwhile Dick signs on as a cabin boy aboard the good ship ‘Venus’ and sets sail hoping one day to clear his name and marry Mr Fitzwarren’s beautiful daughter Alice..

Cast List

Dick Whittington
Jess Wall
Mr R.O.Dent
Graham Smith
Evie Godden
Sarah the Cook
Mark Swinson
Mr Fitzwarren
Tony Garwood
Jacob Wheatly-Hunt
Edward Turner
Alex Whittiker
Vicky Clark
The Cat
Kelly McGhee
The Shiek
Chris Stevenson
Major Domo
Bailey Watson
Phoebe Brown
Viv Turtle-Savage
Des Frearson
1st Shipmate
Bradley Turner
1st Boy
Alex Fletcher
2nd Boy
Ethan Thomas
Josh Hibbard

Production Team

Sound Engineer
Peter Frost
Stage Manager
Pete McFarlane
Paul Frost
Becs Mayes
Bernie Kirk
  Front of House
Kath Williams
Mark Swinson
Linda Mayes

Rehearsal Photos (click to enlarge)     

Alice and Mr Fitzwarren..
Dick learning lines
The Director reads..
Marked out scripts!
Scenery is coming along..
Group discussion
Mr R.O.Dent in contemplation..
Did I say anything funny?
Rats..it's King rat and Attendant.
You looking at us?
Time for a group photo
What an old boiler..
More group discussion.
Offical photographs..
Could do with some stitching
It's all fun at rehearsals!

Press Reviews

Any reviews will appear here once the performance is over.

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