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Cinders: The True Story
January 2012
Written By
David Tristram
Directed by
Graham Smith


This year sees the return of a version of the perrenial favourite Cinderella, written by David Tristram.

In Cinders: The True Story we follow the story of a poor downtrooden girl destined to work below stairs and do the bidding of the nasty Baroness Hardup and her two ugly daughters Dotty and Potty.

Always dreaming of one day escaping from her humdrum life she meets her Hairy Godmother, a friendly soul who helps her dreams to come true by turning her into a Princess for one night only. Prince Charming is besotted with her beauty. She has a wonderful time but as she departs at midnight she leaves behind a shoe.

Desperate to find out who she was the Prince begins a search to find the owner of the slipper, whoever the shoe will fit shall marry the Prince..

Cast List

Anna Nesbitt
Prince Charming
Beth Garwood
Tom Morley
Tony Garwood
Hairy Godmother
Mark Swinson
Jess Wall
Baron Hardup
Daniel Knight
Baroness Hardup
Vicki Clarke
Bailey Watson
Jessica Pearson
Nardia Slack
Sian Crossland
Amber Cresswell
Ethan Thomas
Linda Mayes

Production Team

Sound Engineer
Roger Knowles
Stage Contruction and Design
Pete McFarlane

Paul Frost
  Graham Prompt
Chris Knowles
Jess Wall
Bernie Kirk
  Front of House
Kath Williams
Liesa Sissons
Graham Smith

Rehearsal Photos (click to enlarge)     

Read though..
Those lines being learnt
Paint tins everywhere..
Hard at work..

Press Reviews

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