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Murdered to Death

May 2013

Directed By

Chris Knowles
Eileen Mayes

Written By

Peter Gordon


For our May production the Lovelace Theatre Group have chosen a comedy spoof centered around a typical Agatha Christie plot. Set therefore in a country pile, we find murder within it's walls, and in order to solve this enter the clueless and incompetent Inspector Pratt aided by his trusty and much more clued up side kick Constable Thompkins.

This he has to do by questioning a variety of oddball guests and unusual suspects. These consist of a Colonel, his wife, an unconvincing Frenchman art dealer and his companion. There's also the busybody neighbour and the Hostess and her wayward butler.

All of this adds up to an evening's delightful entertainment as we see the Inspector try to unravel the whole mystery before him...


  • Peformance Times
  • Thu 23 May 7.30pm
  • Fri 24 May 7.30pm
  • Sat 25 May 7.30pm

Cast List

Liz Hartley-Trumpington

Jess Wall

Charles Craddock

James McBride


Jacob Hunt-Wheatley

Inspector Pratt

Pete O'Kane

Joan Maple

Linda Mayes

Pierre Marceau

Daniel Knight


Bernie Kirk

Dorothy Foxglove

Becs Mayes

Mildred Bagshott

Cheryl Cresswell


Graham Smith

Production Team

Stage Const & Design

Pete McFarlane
Gary Clark
Dave Short


Carl Wilkinson


Carl Wilkinson


The Cast


Vicky Clark

Front of House

Kath Williams