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Beauty and the Beast

Jan 2014

Directed By

Rebecca Mayes
Viv Savage

Written By

Limelight Scripts


Belle is a beautiful young girl and the daughter of Mr Cobb, a baker in the village of Yeastville. She's courted by Victor, a nasty vain man but refuses to go out with him. Victor gets annoyed and warns Belle that her father's bakery may have an 'accident' in revenge. One day the Prince of the land comes visiting and takes a shine to Belle. He asks her out but Belle is not sure.

Meanwhile, little do any of them know but they've been the subject of a bet between a fairy and a witch. Fairy Rosebud believe love will win out and Belle and the Prince will one day marry, but Witch Greenfly has other ideas. When things don't go to plan, Greenfly transforms the Prince into a Beast to ensure she wins the bet. After all, who could love a beast?

What will happen to Cobb's bakery? Will Witch Greenfly win her bet and ensure the Prince remains alone in his castle? Will Belle ever find love? Throw in a gruesome twosome in the form of Charlotte and Marzipan, Mr Cobb's stepdaughters and an outrageous cook called Dolly Donut and you have a recipe for a pantomine filled with drama, comedy, slapstick and sadness. A panto that is 'Beauty and the Beast'!


  • Peformance Times
  • Wed 21 Jan 6.30pm
  • Thu 22 Jan 7.30pm
  • Fri 23 Jan 7.30pm
  • Sat 24 Jan 2.30pm & 7.30pm
  • Sun 25 Jan 2.30pm

Cast List


Rebecca Mitchell

Prince Rupert

Jess Wall

The Beast

Richard Alton

Dolly Donut

Pete O'Kane


Jacob Hunt-Wheatley


Daniel Knight


Tom Morley

Victor Vandare

Ed Turner

Dusty Cobb

James McBride

Witch Greenfly

Cheryl Cresswell

Fairy Rosebud

Linda Mayes


Mark Swinson

Kingsmill Front

Amber Cresswell

Kingsmill Rear

Ethan Thomas


Owen Wright

Other Roles


Amber Cresswell
Alicia Short
Elise Radford
Cherry Chance
Brenda Clack


Ivy Miller
Georgina Lievers
Olivia Bell


Melissa Whiting
Tiffany Shelton
Sophie Bacon


Ethan Thomas
Jake Henson-Pocklington
Tommy O'Kane
Mark Turner


Sian Crossland
Livi Bell
Georgina Lievers


Ethan Thomas
Charlie Bates
Jessica Pearson

Production Team

Stage Const & Design

Pete McFarlane
Gary Clarke
Dave Short


Roger Knowles


Carl Wilkinson


Bernie Kirk
Jess Wall


Chris Knowles

Front of House

Kath Williams