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Bad day at Black Frog Creek
May 2016
Written By
John Gardiner & Fiz Coleman
  Directed by
Roger Knowles


This crazy comedy wild West musical is fun for the whole family and given the Lovelace Theatre Group treatment!

The action takes place in Diamond Tooth Lil's Saloon where all are busy with preparations for a party. Word comes that a badman and his gang are headed their way. It seems Diamond Tooth Lil helped the bad guy in a robbery years before-- and he's coming for the diamond she has!

The Muldoon Mob arrive in Black Frog Creek, bent on retrieving the diamond which saloon-keeper Lil has had cemented into one of her teeth. They get the diamond, only to be foiled yet again by Filthy Frank...


Rehearsal Photos (click to enlarge)    

Cast List

Diamond Tooth Lil
Nardia Slack
Angel Delight
Rhian McAleese
Big Brad
Kiera Vann
Old Ma Treacle
Hannah davies
Filthy Frank
Frank burbage
Yippee Brown
Owen Wright
No Noose Muldoon
Chris Stevenson
Elise Radford
Hairy Hannah
Ivy Miller
One Eyed Joe
Charlie Hawthorne-Bales
Alex Walters

Production Team

Carl Wilkinson
Stage Contruction and Design
Pete McFarlane


Tom Inglis
Alex Walters
Jess Wall
Roger Knowles

Bernie Kirk