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Hobson's Choice

May 2023
Directed by
Hattie Hunt-Blow and Roger Knowles
Written by
Harold Brighouse


Widower Henry Hobson is a successful bootmaker and a tyrannical father of three daughters who all want to leave him by getting married. When he calls the eldest Maggie, 30, an old maid, she takes his best apprentice and sets up a more successful business, taking all his trade away.

Watch as Maggie makes her mark on Salford, with humour, gumption, and a canny ability to always be one step ahead.


  • Peformance Times
  • Thu 18 May 7.30pm
  • Fri 19 May 7.30pm
  • Sat 20 May 7.30pm

Cast List

Henry Hobson

Sam Burbage


Emily Giles


Elly West

Willie Mossop

Gareth Ellis


Sami Yates

Fred Beenstock

John Leefe

Tubby Wadlow

Steve Beeton

Jim Heeler

Richard Alton

Dr Mcfarlane

Nick English

Ada Figgins

Chloe Brearley

Mrs Hepworth

Laura Short

Albert Prosser

Colette Wong

Production Team

Stage Manager

Pete Mcfarlane

Set Design

Emily Giles

Set Painting

Nicola Giles
Joe Willis
Lucas Ward.

Tech Team

Jack McCarthy
Hattie Hunt-Blow


Emily Giles
Laura Short
Hannah Sowter


Laura Short

Piano/Music Arrangement

Edward Clarke


Daniel Knight


Linda Mayes

Front of House

Linda Mayes
Lawrence Short
Travis Shooter