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The Lovelace Theatre Group - Policy documents.

This page is where we keep all of our policy and procedure documents. These cover how we run the group – whilst it’s a hobby, there are a number of important areas (such as safety and child protection) where we have to be well managed.

If you have any queries about the content of these documents, or anything else relating to how we’re run, then please contact one of the committee.


This document is the group constitution, and sets out how the group will operate.

Last updated 2018. The previous version is here.

Photography and video policy

This document explains our policy on photographing and videoing performances and rehearsals, and applies to both group members and members of the public who come to see our shows.

Last updated October 2016.

Terms and conditions for appearing in one of our shows

This document was written for the 2017 panto, and sets out the group's expectations for how our members will behave during rehearsals and shows.

Last updated November 2016.

Risk management

As a drama group we occasionally have to go up scaffolding towers, move heavy bits of scenery around, wander around darkened stages and other similar fun activities. None of these are especially dangerous, but we need to ensure that all of the potential risks are understand and steps put in place to stop anyone getting hurt.

This document sets out how we manage these risks.

Last updated July 2016

General risk assessment

This is the General risk assessment document covering normal group activies.

Last updated December 2019

Gathering Membership information

This document explains how we collect and store information on our members.

Last updated July 2016

Child Protection Policy

This sets out how we look after our junior members.

Last updated February 2017
Safeguarding Policy

How the Group will respond to concerns about the welfare of junior members.

Last updated January 2017

Stage Manager role description

Treasurer role description

Publicity role description

Secretary role description
Employers Liability Insurance Certificate (2019-2020)

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